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Client Study: Stephanie Elsy Associates

Events management, websites, blogs, SEO and client case studies, our work with this Public Sector Management and Governance Consultancy business was certainly diverse.

We played a pivotal role in the development and launch of our client's new website, helping to liaise with the web designers to meet our client's specific brief. (This is a key part of our service, ensuring your vision is translated into the correct language for the graphic design team to implement, saving time, money and the occasional headache!)

Things got really exciting when the Acorn Creative team ran events management for a B2B business dinner at the House of Commons for MP's, VIP guests and business professionals from across the UK. From sending out invites to the diverse guest list, managing attendees, coordinating suppliers and ensuring all AV equipment was ready (and working), we were able to ensure the event went of flawlessly and was a huge success for our client.

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