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Client Study: Pure360

Ah, a behind-the-scenes one! Pure360 contacted us seeking ghostwriting and copywriting services to help keep pace with their demanding blogging schedule. We started off with the occasional technical blog, before branching out into weekly digital round up of news and hot topics, helping them with new articles that often predicted market trends and changes.

When you take on a ghostwriting service, it's designed to save you time, so the last thing you want is to be answering numerous questions on the technical aspects of your business, right?

Right! We prided ourselves on our ability to do the research ourself, seeking first to understand the technical language required for the blogs. We were then able to produce articles that were engaging, SEO optimised and accurate, saving our client the hard work and freeing them up to focus on other topics.

If you've found yourself struggling to produce blogs or articles that keep you front and centre in your target market, contact us to find out how our ghostwriting services can help.

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